In zoom, in slow motion, from all cameras, from selected cameras, live or in replay without losing a second of recording – our solutions allow a fast and detailed analysis of any questionable moment of the game.

VideoReferee® is a line of products specifically designed for sports referees. Since 2007 our products have been used in a large number of highest level sports evets. We always co-operate closely with referees and sports officials in order to constantly adapt our solutions to any particular sports discipline or event. Our systems are based on tested, highest quality servers and cameras by Slomo.tv.

VideoReferee® is a professional multi-channel (multi-camera) system specifically designed to assist sports referees and goal control judges in an objective analysis of questionable moments during the game. All video footage of the event is accessible for replay at any moment of the game. While the referee monitors the live video from all cameras, the same video is being recorded and currently available for instant replays and analysis in slow motion or frame by frame. The referee can select and mark any fragment of interest, and chose to watch the simultaneous video of all channels, single camera or zoom, all without interrupting the recording process. The system ensures that video from all cameras is recorded continuously and no fragment of the game is lost. In case of some disciplines, at the end of the game a report with all questionable moments and score changes is automatically generated and stored on DVD or a pendrive. Our systems are integrated with official timing systems, scoreboards, as well as being compatible with most popular scoreboard systems and scoreboard controllers. (eg. Nautronic, Westerstrand, Megalux, Omega). The replay machines (including monitor and console) can be operated from one or two separate workplaces.