Work Comfort

  • Small integrated unit with a simple, intuitive user interface
  • Possibility to mark significant moments for further analysis
  • Integration with high-quality digital cameras, including TV cameras
  • Possibility to connect any number of cameras (not all inputs need to be used)
  • Possible operation from an additional, external control console
  • Easy launching of operating session
  • Easy to learn


  • Synchronized high-quality video recording from all cameras simultaneously
  • Integration with scoreboard and timing systems (recorded data synchronized with video footage)
  • Video viewing at chosen speed without interrupting the recording
  • Possibility to stop and commence the recording at any moment, with just one button

Easy and Intuitive Review

  • Immediate access to footage
  • Viewing at any speed: at slow motion and frame by frame (50 frames per second)
  • Instant switching between cameras
  • Instant switching between live view and stored footage
  • Possibility to work with just one monitor in minimum set configuration
  • Possibility to zoom any chosen fragment of the picture from any camera
  • Automatically saving operational replays