Any number of amateur or professional cameras, small but efficient servers suited to every sports discipline and any level of competition, all over the world.

We offer the most competitive, best quality solutions in videorefereeing.

Our systems of referee support are suited for multiple sports disciplines and are used in the highest level competitions, having an official approval of the following organizations:

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)
  • Higher Hockey League (VHL)
  • International Canoe Federation (ICF) For this discipline our systems were first officially adopted during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

At the moment, our system is the first system of that functionality to be approved by FIFA (https://youtu.be/jVQ2mLssf4A)


Our servers are small and efficient. Scalability is their asset. We offer several types of servers with different hardware and apps, suited to individual disciplines and adjusted to the size of the sports facility. They can be integrated with 2 to 24 cameras of any size and definition, and vary in capacity of video storage.


We are able to ensure optimum solutions in any setting, whether under water, high in the mountains, in frosty weather or in heat.

We provide professional cameras including Full HD and 4K. Thanks to our experience, we can employ both micro-cameras, as well as remotely controlled and wireless cameras. For very dynamic disciplines, like tennis, we offer super-slow-motion, and even ultra-slow-motion cameras. At the same time, there are no obstacles to use the existing camera setting or the TV signal from the OB van, gaining extra sources of video which may be of importance to the referees.

We readily adapt our products to our Clients’ individual requirements, and offer tailored solutions of varying scope of performance and affordability.


In the basic configuration, fixed or mobile, the whole system is equipped with just one multi-screen monitor. For maximum convenience, an extra monitor can be added: one (with a complete interface) for the operator, and the other for the referee (for selected channels’ viewing). Our systems can be integrated with TV sets, large outdoor screens, projectors and touch-sensitive displays, which – in certain cases – notably improves the quality of judging.